Voice Over Scripts FAQ

What questions do you have about Voice Over work?
Many of the first questions we get from people who are new to voice over are around getting work, signing up with an agent, how much voice over artists are paid and how to get started. We get those questions typically before people do our weekend workshop or a 1 on 1 coaching session.

What we find is that once we start working with someone in the studio, the questions quickly turn to the piece of paper in front of them – the Voice Over script. Here’s a few common questions we get about working with a script.

How much time would I get to pre-read / practise a script?
This can vary. For professional voice over artists who attend a studio to record with a client/agency, you’re likely to see the script/s for the first time when you attend the studio. In come cases you may only know the name of the client or product you’ll be doing a voice over for and nothing else in advance.
Arriving 10 minutes early can be helpful as if the scripts are available you may be able to at least look over them, become familiar with the words and consider how you may approach the read. At this time you may come up with some questions you may need answered before recording starts.

If I don’t like the way something is written, can I change it?
Unless it’s an obvious typing error, generally the answer is no. You should know that before the script has been given you to, it has usually been through quite a rigorous process of writing, feedback, re-writing and approvals so the words are the way they are for a reason. You should certainly ask questions if you’re unsure of anything in the script, but don’t expect to change anything just because you feel it isn’t right. We get this question quite a bit during our Introduction to Voice Over weekend workshop where participants are working with scripts for the first time.

Is it OK to write on the script?
Yes! One of the things we tech in the Introduction to Voice Over workshop and coaching session is how to markup a voice over script to help with your voice over performance. This could include marking in places to take a breath, underlining words you need to emphasise (as directed) and reminders for intonation at the end of sentences. On occasion you may also may be directed to cross out or add a word (or words) into the script.

You probably have more more questions about Voice Over right?
Well, that’s why we’re here and while we’re happy to answer some general questions if you contact us, you’ll gain must more insight by coming along to our weekend workshop or attending a 1 on 1 studio or Skype coaching session.