What do I need to Record Voice Overs at Home?

Not everyone has the space or budget to set up a professional grade audio

Many people who are looking into Voice Overs for the first time often ask “How do I setup to record at home”? The good news is that it’s not that hard to do or expensive to achieve, depending what your expectations are.

That being said, there are plenty of professional Voice Over Artists around who don’t have their own studio. It’s certainly not essential if you’re doing all your voice over work in professional studios, working with clients in person, however more and more it can be very useful – especially if you’re just starting out.

Why? Well we’re always telling people to “Practise, practise, practise” and one of the best ways to do that is to actually record yourself. Now that could just be on your phone or with a microphone built into your laptop, but at some stage you may want to step up to create some usable recordings or ones you can share.

Setting up a dedicated space for this all comes down to how much room you have and how you prepare that space for recording. Do enough Googling and Youtube video watching and you’ll see that there are plenty of options.

Below is a video of Andy’s home studio. Enjoy the tour.

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If you are completely new to Voice Over this topic of self recording is discussed within the Introduction to Voice Over Workshop. The next is being held on February 15/16 (2020).