Are you ready to make a Voice Over Demo?

Charlee working on her first VO Demo with Andy at Voices Of Tomorrow this week

A question we get asked quite a bit is “When should I create my first Voice Over demo”?

Now, you’ll find if you ask different people in the industry or other voice over coaches this question you’re likley to get a bunch of different answers.

If you have some experience doing some voice over work (pair or unpaid) or have undertaken some coaching then that’s a great start, as you’ll perhaps have an undersanding of the industry and the skills you’ll need to master.

Now part of the Voice Over journey is getting more experience…more time in front of the Microphone, so it’s going to be helpful if you can put your voice out there to be heard by others. A Voice Over demo (or voice reel as some call it) is the perfect tool for the job.

So when should you do this?

The Simple answer: Whenever you feel you are ready for others to hear your voice.

Remember, your voice over demo a refletion of your current abilities, so it’s ok if you sould like a beginner as it’s part of your journey. If someone hires you for a voice over job as a result of hearing your demo, you just need to be confident that you can perform to the same standard.
As you get more experience and improve you’ll want to update your demo with new material…and the cycle continues as long as you want to keep at it!

If you have questions about voice over demos or want one made, feel free to reach out anytime.