Listen to the latest VO Demos from Voices of Tomorrow

Over the past couple of Months we’ve had the opportunity to create voice over demos for a few people after they’ve completed some 1 on 1 coaching or attended a workshop.

In the last blog post we talked about ‘when is the right time’ to get a demo done, but not so much about what’s involved and what the outcome is, so here we go!

For starters it’s helpful if you have either done some coaching or a workshop with us as we’ll be familiar with your voice and your abilities, however if you’ve done coaching or have some experience and have copies of recordings that’s also useful. We use this information to find the right scripts for you to record. Specifically we’ll find scripts that are best suited to your style of voice keeing in mind current casting trends.

All up you can expect to record around 10 scripts with a mix of Radio/TV and corporate narration covering different styles and energy levels so you don’t end up with a bunch of recordings that all sound the same.

Each of those recordings is then produced (editing, adding music/fx, mixing) so you have completed standalone samples and then we take moments from each to create a compilation that starts with you introducing it.

What does that sound like? Here are 3 recent examples of VO demos we’ve done.




The whole process takes about half a day, however the actual recording process with you is 2 hours – the rest is in post production to create the finished demo.

If you feel you’re ready to jump into the voice over booth and create your first voice over demo like Melanie, Ayden and Charlee, feel free to get in touch.