Finding Video Game Character auditions using Twitter – May 21 session with Aimee Smith

Aimee Smith is returning to Melbourne and will be running a 90minute session to demonstrate how to use Twitter to find leads for video game character voice auditions.

In 2019 and early 2020 we had the pleasure of hosting multiple sold-out workshops with Aimee aimed at those wanting to get into video game character voice work but didn’t know where to start…and how she’s coming back!

This time Aimee will be running a presentation to help you navigate Twitter to uncover leads for video game character auditions.

So who exactly is Aimee? Aimee Smith is a Sydney-based, Australian Voice Actor best known for her roles as Milla in Freedom Planet, Alysia in Battlerite, Ktara in Siegecraft Commander and Olivia in Heroes Arena (but her list of roles extends far beyond what we’ve written here).

The upcoming May 21 session will be run at a venue in South Melbourne from 6pm and consists of a 1-hour presentation followed by 30minutes of Q&A.

We hope to see you there! If you’d like to attend you can BOOK HERE.