Workshop Reflection – April 03 Introduction to Voice Over

How did you spend your Sunday?
For us the rainy Melbourne Sunday was well spent running our latest Introduction to Voice Over Workshop with 5 new participants.

One thing we love about running this workshop is the variety of people we meet. The start the day gives as an opportunity to hear about everyone’s background, finding out about their life experiences and what has inspired their interest in voice over. This mix of age, gender & personalities, along with professional and life experiences is what makes every workshop we run unique.

It’s no surprise to find that most people who come to the workshop have never stepped into a professional recording studio or recorded their own voice before, which was certainly the case for some of the participants on this particular Sunday.
A couple of the guys admitted that they like to mimic voices they hear in radio commercials so thought it would be worth giving it a go for themselves. One of our female participants, Misha, runs an events company and revealed that she’d been asked to do voice recordings before so was looking for some more formal experience in this area, while another travelled from Gippsland had experience as a singer and found that some of those skills translated well for her in voice over.

Throughout the day we explored recorded a few different types of scripts with everyone for Radio commercials ,Audiobooks and even Video Games. Right now everyone is listening back to their recordings from the workshop where they will be able to hear just how much they were able learn and put into action in just one day. Actually, we’ve already had some great feedback!

Great workshop yesterday, I learnt a lot and most importantly had a ton of fun doing it!


I had a great experience yesterday, it felt very similar to singing, and feel like I’ve left with enough information to continue on a bit myself.


The next Introduction to Voice Over Workshop isn’t too far away. If you’d like to have a chat about coming along before you sign up, fee free to call or email otherwise we hope to see you there!