A Great Start in VO for Darcy

Not everyone who attends one of our workshops or does 1 on 1 coaching chooses to pursue Voice Over, but it’s always great to hear back from those who are not only putting in continued effort, but getting some return from it.

Darcy was one of the participants in the June Introduction to Voice Over workshop. He really enjoyed the experience and let us know right away…

I’d also like to again extend my deepest gratitude for last Saturday as I really feel enthused to go forward with voiceover. 

Darcy via email 26/6/22

At the end of each workshop we encourage everyone to keep practising and if they feel confident start looking for opportunities to build up experience. Clearly Darcy’s enthusiasm paid off as we received this update from him in September.

I’m at the moment sitting in a quiet spot of my first ad read recording session, and it feels like it’s going well! I just wanted to take a second to thank you two for everything you taught me in the intro course, it’s proven truly invaluable both through my auditions and the live recording today. Seriously, thanks so much. I thought you’d want to know how much it’s done.  When the ad is released I’ll be sure to share with you!

Darcy via email 16/9/22
Darcy at the Voices Of Tomorrow Introduction to Voice Over Workshop – June 2022

We wish Darcy continued success as he pursues voice over and encourage everyone else who is just getting started to keep on practising!