Look who got a Voice Over Demo made!

When you’re ready to put your voice out into the world, a Voice Over demo is a powerful tool you can use to help showcase your talent.

In many cases, especially with online platforms, you’ll still be asked to submit auditions, however it’s quite realistic to also be cast from your demo, so it needs to sounds GREAT while also reflecting performances that you can replicate when cast for a job.

What exactly does that mean? Well the truth is that always anyone could walk into a recording studio and record a Voice Over Demo and with excessive coaching during the session and LOTS and LOTS of takes, PLUS clever editing and post production you can end up with a great demo. However this all comes undone very quickly when that person is cast for a job and struggles to deliver a performance that’s even close to what’s on the demo that landed them the job in the first place.

With that in mind, take a listen to this VO Demo created this week for Joshua Peter White.

Here’s the process I use to create a Voice Over Demo for someone.

Firstly I listen to an existing demo if they have one (or recorded voice samples)…or we just have a conversation so I can get a feel for what types of scripts their voice may be suitable for. On that note I rarely suggest that people choose their own scripts for a demo as in the ‘real world’ it’s the scripts that choose you, not the other way around.

Speaking of the real world, I also prefer that the ‘talent’ not spend too much time with the scripts in advance, again because with many voice over jobs there’s not usually much time between getting the script and recording it – no time for days of ‘practise’.

Once we get into the studio, the talent is directed, not coached through each script, recording no more than 3-4 takes on each script, which means their ability is well reflected in the demo recording and can be replicated when recording with others.

Following the session each recording (usually about 10) goes through post production and then a compilation of around 2minutes is created that highlights a variety of different styles that the talent can perform.

The result…is what you hear above.

If you’re ready for your first VO demo or looking to update your demo with some fresh material to fill some gaps in showcasing your talent, book in now to get started at https://www.voicesoftomorrow.com.au/voice-over-services/ or get in touch for a brief chat.