Vocal Health 4-week Online Course in July – Book now

We’re pleased to be able to collaborate with speech pathologist Tessa Livingston for a special 4-week online course in July.

Read below for details – bookings are HERE.

The Actor’s Voice Course is a one month vocal training program that will enhance your vocal skill, knowledge, and confidence. This course teaches fundamental breath and voice practices that will be able to help you as a voice professional sustain your voice for longer. Leading to greater vocal health and strength as well as vocal play. This course is based in the physicality of voice, what the voice feels like being produced in the body not how your ears perceive it. 

The course is split into two parts. ‘Educational’ and ‘Exercises’

In the ‘Educational Videos’, one per week, you will learn:
– Basics of Vocal Mechanics – How the voice works!
– Vocal Health and Conditions
– Vocal Management
– Your Voice and The Future – Continuing your voicing journey!
In the ‘Exercise Videos’, one per week, you will learn different foundational exercises that provide you with better:
– Breath management
– Breath support
– Volume Management
– Voice balance and awareness
– Vocal fold co-ordination
Basically, everything you need for foundational, effective, and safe vocal habits! 

As well as all this you will receive an exercise routine to follow along and practice daily. Increasing in skill as the weeks go on.

As this is live teaching, you will be able to ask questions in the moment and receive helpful feedback on exercises.

What do you get out of it?
– Peace of mind from taking the guesswork out of voice work!
– Increased breath awareness and support
– Increased vocal awareness for use and vocal health/management
– Increased vocal confidence
– A foundational warm up routine
– Vocal practices you can use your whole vocal career
– A strong, reliable, and confident voice

About Tessa Livingston.

Tessa Livingston is a speech pathologist, vocal coach, voice over artist, podcaster and content creator.
She is a New Zealander who specialises in voice health, safety and production for vocal athletes, especially voice over artists. 
She is all about empowering people to feel how your voice is produced in the body for the most reliable and successful outcome.
Tessa is on a mission to bridge the gap between ‘voice’ and ‘acting’ for the everyday voice actor. Knowing your voice and how it works is a foundational practice that all vocal performers should engage in. Look after your voice to look after your career. Everyone wants a voice that will last long term, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Begin your journey with Tessa and start developing your lifetime voice.”


Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy with Honours (NZ)

Represented Voice Talent – Represented Actress

Producer of ‘The Good Talkers Podcast’

Graduate of ‘The Actors Program’