Erin’s Story – Getting started as a Voice Over artist

Voices of tomorrowWe’ve had some great feedback on the conversations we’ve shared so far that give an glimpse inside the Voice Over industry.  So here’s another great story.

Today Andy speaks with Erin Grech.  She’s been doing voice over work for quite few years now (as she will explain) and now shares some of the things she’s picked up along the way.  Listen below.

We hope this story may inspire you to join us for our Introduction to Voice Over course on July 7 & 8.

Only 4 Places available for July 7 & 8

If you’re been considering our Introduction to Voice Over Course, just 4 places now remain for the weekend of July 7 & 8.

Over the past week we’ve had many emails and phone calls about the course and what it involves, so if you also have a question please DO reach out and ask.   Both myself and Cecelia love having conversations about the industry that we’re very passionate about, so feel free to email or call (phone number top right of your screen).   You can even jump onto our Facebook page and hit us up on chat.

The course days are informative, fun and very practical.   You’ll be spending plenty of time in front of the microphone with the voice coaches and you’ll get a copy of everything you record with us, including one recording that will be fully produced (Like a radio commercial for example).

If you’re holding out until the ‘next’ course…we’ve yet to set a date for it so if you can, grab one of the last spots in the July 7 & 8 course.

We’d love you to come along and discover more about your voice and what you can do with it.


Sign up for the July 7 & 8 Course – Pay over 3 Months!

If you’ve been thinking of signing up for our Introduction to Voice Over Course running on July 7 & 8 but your finances are a bit tight, here’s some good news.

We have a few different payment options available, which means you can simply pay up front… or pay the same amount over 3 installments.

MicrophonePayment option 1:
Use the first ‘Pay Now’ button on the Course Dates-Bookings page and pay $550.
This option uses PayPal, however you don’t need to have a PayPal account to use it, you can simply use a credit card.

Payment option 2:
Use the next ‘Pay Now’ button under the title “Pay over 3 installments option”.
This option also uses PayPal, but sets you up to Pay the amount of  $183.34 over 3 months.

Payment option 3:
If for any reason you don’t want to use the PayPal / Credit card options but you’re happy to pay the full amount you can contact us and we’ll send you a Tax Invoice for $550 that will need to be paid prior to the weekend of the course.

Ready to book your place now?  Go HERE.

Like to ask questions? Go HERE.

Can you do it in 15 seconds ?

You may not notice, but every voice over on TV, internet or Radio ads are timed to a specific time.

So as a voice over artist, one crucial skill you need is to learn how to make the words fit and sometimes it can be as little as a second that will make or break the read!

Each script is a new challenge, sometimes reading a little slower is key, other times you need all the breath and speed you can muster to get the words out!

Check out Andy recording a 15 second commercial, it’s tricky!

Are you up for the challenge? Join us at the Intro to Voice over course July 7 and 8 and find out!

Listen to how Ally got started with Voice Overs

How do you get started in the Voice Over industry?  We suggest our Introduction to Voice Over course is a good start, but this post is about Ally’s story.
As you’ll hear Ally K. explain, she always wanted to work in radio, however Voice Over wasn’t originally her passion.

I caught up with Ally via phone yesterday for a chat about her Voice Over journey that started 4 years ago.


Voices of tomorrow

Doing a Voice Over Course in Melbourne – Your Options

So you’re thinking about doing some sort of Voice Over Course…but what are your options?

Well, like anything you’re looking to buy or sign up for , doing some research will give you a good understanding of what’s available, when you can get it and how much it costs.   If you haven’t already done this then you’re in luck as we’ve also looked into this in order to deliver a great Introduction to Voice Over experience.

Here’s a brief description of some of the Voice Over Courses available if you live in Melbourne, plus a couple that are in Sydney, just to give you an idea of what you can generally expect.  Naturally, we feel that our Introduction to Voice Over Course offers the best start to those new to the industry.

Note that only the first course listed here is run by us.

Voices of TomorrowIntroduction to Voice Over Course (2-Day weekend Course – 2 x 5 hours – up to 10 participants)

Cost – $550

Outcome – Gain industry knowledge of the voice over industry and learn the basic skills needed to get the most out of your voice.  Participants receive a copy of all of their own voice over recordings plus one fully produced radio commercial featuring their voice.

Target – Anyone (15+) interested in Voice Over – No experience needed

Trainer – Industry Professionals Cecelia Ramsdale & Andy Wells.  Both professional voice over artists with agent representation.  Andy is also a qualified trainer and assessor.

Below – Courses run by other businesses.

Voice Over CoachDiscover Voice Over 1 Day Workshop (7 Hours – up to 13 participants)

Cost: $280

Outcome – Gain knowledge of the voice over industry and understand techniques to help create great reads.  This course is conducted at the Malthouse Theatre and does not include any studio recording.

Target – Anyone interested in Voice over

Trainer – Industry Professional Abbe Holmes. Veteran Voice Over artist with EM Voices.

Course Dates – See website


Brave Studios6 week Voice Course  (6 x 2 hour evening sessions)

Cost: $330

Outcome – The ability for actors to use their voice for a stronger and more confident performance

Target – Actors looking for better control of their voice in performance.

Trainer – Industry Professional Rob Meldrum. Actor / Director with 45 years’ experience.

Course dates – August / September

Voice BusinessVoice Over & Broadcasting Skills course (4 hour course)

Cost – $825

Outcome – Learn how to use your voice to deliver a variety of retail and corporate reads for radio and TV.

Target – Individuals who want to become voiceover artists, presenters or broadcasters.

Trainers – Not stated

Course dates – None provided.


Sydney Courses
AFTRSVoice over Fundamentals – 2 Day weekend Course (Sydney)

Cost – $750

Outcome – Knowledge and skills to get the best out of your voice to get a start in the voice over industry.

Target – People with some experience in radio / TV or acting.

Trainer – Industry Professional Amy Longhurst.  Stage and Screen artist and voice over talent with EM Voices.

Course dates – June 23 & 24

Showreels Australia – 6 week voice over course (Sydney – 6 x 2.5hour sessions)

Cost – $880

Outcome – Knowledge and Skills to start in voice over with a beginners demo reel.

Target – Anyone

Trainers – Industry Professional – not specific

Course dates – Current course underway.

We certainly encourage you to read up more about any of those courses if you’re looking to do some training, and if you have any questions about the Introduction to Voice Over course we offer, please do get in touch.


Voice Coaches and students from May course

7 Places left in our July 7 & 8 Course

A must-do if you’re curious about becoming a voice over artist.

Voice over student recording - voices of tomorrowThat’s part of what Alysa had to say about our Introduction to Voice Over Course.
She was one of 10 participants for the weekend course we ran in May and you can read her full review along with other reviews of the course HERE.

With 4 weeks until our next weekend course we’ve already filled 3 places, so there is just 7 spots left for the July 7 & 8 course.   We have intentionally limited the number of participants to just 10 to ensure that along with the group work we do over the two days, we also get to spend time working with individuals.  This is especially important when working in the voice booth as we coach you though recording sessions.

Speaking of which, everyone does get plenty of time in front of the Microphone during the course and we record everything you do…and give you a copy of the raw recordings at the end of the two days.    From those raw recordings we’ll also select your best work and give it the full production treatment to create a 30 second radio commercial.

If your intention after the course is to pursue voice over work, you’ll need to set about doing more recordings, so this first fully produced commercial will be a good start for you.

If you’re thinking about doing the course we’d encourage you to sign up sooner, rather than later as our May course was fully booked.   Got questions?  Please ask!  Head over to the contact page or call the number at the top right of the screen.


See you in July!


Student prepares to record her voice over

Should I do it? Of course!

So you’re thinking about doing some training with your voice and you’re not sure where to start.

Recording a voice over with the Introduction to Voice Over CourseWell our first Intro to Voice over class with students from all walks of life was a real success, the feedback we got was that everyone walked away feeling like they had new skills, more control over their voice and new ideas about what their voice could do and what they could do with it!

Here’s the latest feedback from one of the students…

“Andy & Cecelia, thank you for your effort and inspiration at the May V.O Course.  The 2 Days were full of learning, fun, stimulation, discovery, encouragement & more.  I enjoyed every minute!”
– June.

So come and join Andy and I for the next Voice Over Course on July 7 & 8.

You know what? For about 20 years I have thought about taking a course in a breathing method that could really help my voice work and my health, but I have I done it yet? No!!! I haven’t, and whenever I think of it I regret that, because I think that learning new things always opens new doors. (it’s on my to do list this year believe me!)

So if you’re interested in Voice over, want more confidence in using your voice, if you have to record things for work, want to make a podcast or get some practice in a professional the studio the Introduction to Voice over course will be a weekend well spent!

See you there.


How Voices are cast for Radio Commercials

One of the most common places you’ll hear professional Voice Over artists is on the Radio, but what types of voices are used, and how are they chosen?

Geoff Esdaile Senior Creative Writer
Geoff Esdaile – Senior Creative Writer

We talk about this during the Introduction to Voice Over course, however this week Andy caught up with senior creative writer Geoff Esdaile from Hit105 / Triple M in Brisbane on this subject.   Geoff shares his thoughts on how the variety of voices used in commercials has expanded and the voices he has recently cast for the last few radio commercials he has written.

The discussion on trends in voice over casting also looks at the shift to home recording studios.  Geoff has some great tips to share for anyone thinking about setting up their own recording space at home.

We think you’ll find this conversation very educational and enjoyable.

Voices of tomorrow

Introduction to Voice Over – July course now open

Looking for Voice Over Training?

Following the success of our Introduction to Voice Over course in May, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be running the course again over the weekend of July 7 & 8.

There are just 10 places available.  You can secure your place now on the Course Dates page.

With the new course dates also comes a new venue for the course.   We’ll be using the facilities at The Backlot Studios in Melbourne.

Voice Over Training
The Backlot Studios

After scouting around we feel that this professional, working studio is the ideal venue for the Introduction to Voice Over course.

If you’d like to ask us questions about the course before you book you can head over to the ‘contact’ page and send message or jump onto our Facebook page and message us there.