Help. I’ve lost my Voice!

Andy Wells setting up a microphone for the voice over course

If you’re a singer, public speaker or voice over artist one of the worst things that can happen is to lose your voice.
Just like a bricklayer who loses the use of their hands or a truck driver with a broken foot, a voice over artist who can’t speak is pretty much useless on the job.

This was me (Andy) just a couple of weeks ago coming into Christmas, luckily just after my busiest time of the year for voice over jobs.

Now it’s not unusual to have your voice affected by the odd seasonal cold as there is usually a clear pathway to recovery and a few things you can do to mask symptoms so you can continue to work, however a hoarse or lost voice that’s not attached to a cold is something completely different.

Naturally I turned to my GP who felt it was a minor throat infection and put me on some medication, but in the event it was something more serious what else could I do? There was a chance it could be some sort of growth such as nodules, polyps, and cysts – not life threatening but a pain to deal with.

Anyway, this situation aside you may have found yourself in a similar situation (or you may in the future) where you simply ‘run out of voice’. So what can you can do to help recovery?

Drink Water. Yes it sounds simple but staying hydrated is a key factor in the health of your vocal cords. If you’re a bit croaky, drink much more water than you usually would and avoid alcohol because it only serves to dry you out.

Cecelia also has some great breathing exercises that involve a straw and a glass of water that can help get your vocal folds moving again. We demonstrate these and other great exercises during out 2-day Introduction to Voice Over Course.

The course running on February 16/17 is now half full so be sure to book in now!