Creating Character Voices – November 25

You’re given and script and told that your character is a small, very nervous hedgehog. What does this creature sound like and where do you begin to create its voice?
That’s what we’ll be covering in the “Creating Character Voices” Workshop on November 25.

In this 3-hour workshop lead by Cecelia Ramsdale with Andy Wells, you’ll learn techniques to help you create unique character voices and put them into action right away as you record different character voices in the studio.

Leading up to the workshop we’ll be on the hunt for an audition opportunity that everyone can work on during your time with us, which could be a great opportunity for you to get started.*

You’ll leave the session with those recordings being emailed to you, plus some ‘where to now’ information.

The workshop format is; 1 x 3 hour in-studio workshop on Saturday November 25 (10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm) Location will be Bang Bang Studios in Southbank**.

Cost is $330 per person inclusive of GST.

*We’ll look for a public audition that anyone can access regardless of whether they attend the workshop or not. You are not paying to audition, but for in-studio coaching and recording for creating character voices. **Please do not contact the studio directly regarding any workshops.

10am Session is now fully booked.

Direct link to book 2pm session –

Enjoy Cecelia and Andy’s Character Demo Reels below.