New Workshop Format – Looking to October

Cecelia masked up (Yes it comes off for recording though)

We hope this finds you safe and well in this very challenging time for everyone.

The current situation with increased restrictions has forced us to once again postpone our next Introduction to Voice over workshop, and inspired us to come up with a new format for the workshop that will hopefully allow us to run it in October.

It can be difficult to imagine what things will be like 6 weeks from now so we’ve developed a new way of running a group workshop that is better suited to the ever-changing conditions, while still remaining true to what we believe any voice over workshop should deliver.

It’s likely that even when restrictions do ease, social distancing may be in place for some time. For us to do that, it will mean we can’t pack 10 people into a studio at one time.
Our solution is to break up the workshop into a mix of online and in-studio sessions.

Here’s what the new format looks like for the October Introduction to Voice Over Workshop group.
Online Session Via Zoom (all 10 participants) – September 12 (11am to 1pm)
In-Studio session 1 (5 participants) – October 17 (11am-4pm)
In-Studio session 2 (remaining 5 participants) October 18 (11am- 4pm)
Online 1 on 1 Session (30min Via Zoom or Skype) – At a time that suits each person following the studio session.

Naturally our ability to have even a group of 5 people gathered in a studio is still subject to whatever restrictions are in place, however we feel this is much more likely to happen.

If you’ve already signed up for the cancelled September session or October then you’ll see a seperate email around this. If you’d like to know more feel free to email or call any time.

Stay safe – Wear a mask!