Is your Home Studio ready for Professional use?

Once a luxury, the Home Studio has quickly become a ‘must have’ tool for any Voice Over artist. We saw this in 2020 with many professional recording studios unable to host clients or artists due to Covid-19 restrictions and many scrambled to create a space and buy equipment so they wouldn’t miss out on work.

The problem I find with this is that for anyone just starting out in voice over, the quality benchmark may not be so obvious, that is until someone rejects a recording.

Now it should be noted that I’m talking about quality from a technical point of view, which is completely different to your ability to do the voice over. Specifically we’re talking about things like the properties of Microphone you use, recording levels, room reflection and ambient or unwanted noise. You could have an amazing voice and deliver a great read, but if you can’t capture it in a way that meets professional standards you’re going to have issues when pitching for jobs or recordings being rejected.

This is why we’ve created the Home Studio Score Card.
This service is designed to help you improve your home studio setup by giving you a score across 4 key areas based on a raw recording you provide from your studio.
Along with a score out of 5 in each area, we include comments and suggestions so you can work on improving your recorded sound.

A Home Studio Score Card assessment costs just $27.50 inc. GST and you can order yours at