Do you need a Voice Over Demo?

The short answer: Yes
The slightly longer answer: Yes. A Voice Over Demo (Also referred to as a “Voice Reel”) is a showcase of your ability as a Voice Over Artist. This valuable tool gives you the ability to quickly demonstrate your abilities in a short space of time, giving a potential client a good idea of what you are capable of and how you might sound on their project.

Even if you have the ability to record a custom sample for a would-be client (and many do request this with online casting platforms) it still makes sense to have samples of your voice that they can listen to first. In fact, at least in Australia, for Voice Over Artists that are signed with an agent (such as EM Voices, RMK, Scout Management etc) it’s mostly your Voice Over Demo that get you hired.

If you’re ready to put yourself out there, come and work 1 on 1 with Andy Wells to create your Voice Over Demo.
As part of the process Andy will source all the scripts best suited to your talents that will then be recorded in a 2 hour session. Following this is about half a day of post production on each recording plus editing of the final compilation.

Here are some of the Voice Over Demos produced by Andy over the past few months.

Hannah Vanderheide –

Rebecca Catalano –

Cameron Davis –

Jordon Fritz –

Daisy Rose –

Stephanie Cheon (Character Demo) –

If you’re ready to get a demo together, get in touch to have a chat about it or simply book a demo session HERE.

Everything is recorded