New Voice Over Workshop Dates

As we move into the final quarter of 2022, there’s still a handful of opportunities to get started in Voice Over with new workshop dates planed out for September, October and November!

Our most in-demand workshop, the “Introduction to Voice Over” is running on September 10, October 16 and November 27.
This workshop is perfect for anyone (age 15+) with no, or very little experience with Voice Over. You’ll learn what’s it’s all about in a professional studio setting, coached by 2 very experienced, working Voice Over artists. We explore commercial and corporate voice over styles and even a little character work to keep things fun and interesting, and it’s all recorded!

If you’ve already done a workshop/coaching with us or someone else or have some experience with voice over but want to push yourself further, we have the “Voice Over: Next Level” workshop happening on October 22. In this workshop we’ll help you improve your performance by tackling more challenging scripts and recording scenarios.

Specifically interested in Character Work for Video Games and Animation? We have a workshop for that too!
On October 4 (6-9:30pm) we’re hosting the “Booking Multiple Roles in Video Games” workshop with Aimee Smith. Aimee gives advice on this subject while also including a practical element to the workshop.

Remember that with all workshops, limited places are available so booking your place sooner can help you avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Bookings are now open for all the mentioned workshops here –

If you have any questions about the workshops or would like to discuss some 1 on 1 coaching, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.