Voice Over for Beginners – June 24 Workshop

Our next Voice Over Workshop is happening on Saturday June 24.

It may seem obvious, but the “Voice Over for Beginners” workshop is perfect for ANYONE who has absolutely no experience with voice over.
If you’ve never set foot in a recording studio, never spoken into a microphone or recorded for voice for any reason, it doesn’t matter! That’s what we do this workshop – to give you an introduction to what Voice Over is all about.

Over the course of the workshop we’ll talk about the voice over industry and how it all works, including the different areas where voice over is used and how people find work in this area, but it’s also a very practical session.

You can expect to record 4 or 5 different scripts throughout the day while learning some of the key skills needed for this type of work.

At the end of the workshop we’ll send you your recordings and some photos of yourself in the studio, along with some ideas of ‘what next’ as you start on your voice over journey.

Hope we can see you on June 24!