1 Place has opened up for the July 20/21 Workshop!

** Update – July workshop is now full **

We’ve just had a cancellation come through for the Introduction to Voice Over Weekend Workshop happening on July 20/21 so we now have 1 place available!

With our next group workshop after July not taking place until October this is a great opportunity if you’re ready to explore your voice.

It’s just ONE place available, it’s fun weekend and there’s plenty to learn and put into practise.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out or head HERE to book your place.

October Workshop Dates plus 1 on 1 sessions available

So you’ve missed out on our July Introduction to Voice Over workshop because it’s booked out… but don’t worry, we will be back for another weekend workshop on October 12/13

If you want to get started discovering your voice before then, perhaps consider a one-on-one Skype consultation or in-studio coaching session.

These options give you a taste of the weekend workshop and also give you the chance to work on what matters to you and your voice.  You don’t need to have any Voice Over experience to take up either of these options.

In a 1-hour Skype session you can start reading scripts and get feedback on what you can work on with your voice and your reading style and you can do it from home!

If you’ve already done one of our weekend Introduction to Voice Over workshops, the Skype coaching is a great way to keep connected with Cecelia and Andy and to continue on your journey to giving you control and getting the most out of your voice.

Pricing: (inc. GST)
Skype coaching – Half Hour – $55
Skype coaching – One Hour – $88
In- Studio coaching/recording – Two Hours – $297

Book and pay HERE. Once payment is confirmed we will be in touch to work out the best time that suits you for your coaching session.

July 20/21 workshop is now fully booked!

It seems that out Introduction to Voice Over workshop is quite popular and the upcoming workshop being held over July 20 & 21 is no exception.

All 10 places in the workshop have now been filled and we’re excited to meet every one! We’ll be announcing the next workshop dates very soon.

If you’d like to know more about what we do in the workshop you can;
1. Contact us online HERE or call (03) 9013 5576 for a chat
2. Ask questions via chat our Facebook page.
3. Read reviews from those who have already done the workshop
4. Read back through our Blog posts and see photos of the workshop in action.

Voice Over? But can you read?

Voice Over Coach Andy recording for Chemist Warehouse TV commercials

One of the most popular questions that we get is “How do i get Voice Over work?” and while that’s a legitimate question, if you have no experience whatsoever then it’s perhaps not the question you should be asking.

Perhaps a better question is “How can I learn the skills needed to become a voice over artist?” That’s definitely a question we can help with, because without learning and practising the essential skills (and becoming good at them) there’s no point in asking how you can make money from it.

For example, the process of showing you the top voice over agents in Australia or websites that publish voice over casting opportunities is pretty straight forward, the same goes for setting up your own studio with the right microphone and other equipment needed to record yourself. While this will certainly be useful information (at some stage) it doesn’t teach you anything about how to actually DO the work…that is interpreting and reading a script and then delivering it with your voice as directed.

If you’re new to Voice Over, that’s great because agencies and clients are always looking to hear new voices for their products and brands, but it’s also important to understand that there’s a journey you need to go on before you’re ready to step up to the microphone and be a professional voice over artist.

So…back to our suggested first question “How can I learn the skills needed to become a voice over artist?” A course, workshop or coaching is a great place to start but be weary of anyone who promises that you’ll get paid work as a result or sends you out into the world with a voice over demo as a starting point.

If you’re not in Melbourne but are looking for a reputable voice over coach / course we’re happy to help find the right one for you. If you ARE in Melbourne, we’d sure love it if you came to one of our weekend Introduction to voice over workshops or even just a 1:1 studio session to see if Voice Over is something you’d like to pursue.

Well that was fun! What next?

We’ve just wrapped up our 6th Introduction to Voice Over weekend workshop with another 10 people keen to explore the potential of their voice and what a great weekend it was!

We talked quite a bit about the type of voices being used in TV and Radio commercials and how it can very according to trends and station formats to target key demographics…but along with those around-the-table discussions, everyone enjoyed quality time in the studio.

The spacious control room (which is where you’ll usually find the sound engineer / director / client during a recording) at Bang Bang studios easily accommodates the group, so as individuals are in the recording booth the rest of the group can watch & listen to how everything works from the other side of the glass.

For those who attempt a voice over for the first time in a studio with a room full of people watching it can be nerve wracking, however for anyone looking to purse this kind of work it something you definitely have to get comfortable with.

So it was great to see that after getting the first recording of the weekend out of the way many people became more relaxed with this new situation and there where plenty of smiles in the booth – essential for many of the scripts we were tackling.

Now, with the April workshop behind us, we’re looking forward to hearing what everyone does with what they learned over the weekend and are looking forward to our next weekend workshop on July 20/21.

If you’ve been looking at doing some sort of Voice Over Course or getting some Voice Over Coaching and like the look of what we do here, we have 8 places available (out of 10). You can find out more and book HERE.

Andy & Cecelia – Your Voice Over Coaches

Introduction to Voice Over Weekend Workshop – July 20/21

With our April 17/18 Introduction to Voice Over Weekend Workshop now fully booked we have opened up places for July 20/21.

If you missed out or couldn’t make it in April we’d love to have you join us for this great weekend workshop in July to introduce you to the world of Voice Over.

You’ll find more details about the weekend HERE, however in short it’s a great opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to know more about professional voice over work. The workshop is set in a professional recording studio where you’ll get plenty of time in front of the microphone to see if voice over is something you enjoy and want to pursue further.

Along with the practical side to the weekend you’ll get coaching in some of the basic techniques and technical things that you need to know before even walking into a studio.

The Voice Over Industry is highly competitive, however the connected world we live in, along with easy access to recording technology has provided more people the opportunity to be part of it. No voice over course or coaching can (or should) ever guarantee you work in this industry, however what we can do is give you some of the basic tools to help you get started.

Cecelia & Andy are both working Voice Over artists represented by EM Voices, one of the top voice over agencies in Australia.

April 27/28 Weekend Workshop is now fully booked

With 2 weeks left until we run our next Introduction to Voice Over weekend workshop all 10 places have been filled.

If you’ve been thinking of signing up for this great introduction into the world of voice over then we’d love you also join us for our next weekend workshop and we’ll be announcing dates very soon. You may also like to consider doing a 1 on 1 coaching session in the studio.

If you’ve been Googling voice over training or courses then you’ll see that in Melbourne there are a few options suitable for those who are new to voice over. If you’re not sure if our weekend workshop is right for you then feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. You may also like to read reviews from others who have completed either the weekend workshop or 1:1 training with us.

It’s important to remember that no Voice Over course or coaching can guarantee you work in the industry. What we can do for you is get you started with some basic skills, give you a better idea of how the industry works, how you how to gain more valuable experience and give you a real voice over experience in a professional studio with two professional voice over artists. You can read more about what’s involved in the weekend workshop HERE.

Andy & Cecelia.

How did our February course go? Read the reviews!

We were just about to write up a summary of how last weekend’s Introduction to Voice Over Course went…but then one of our enthusiastic participants, Darren, posted his own review to Google… so here it is in his words.

The Voices of Tomorrow course is top notch with Andy and Cecelia both being engaging, supportive and knowledgeable. You hit the studio straight up for a novice studio experience with a script first thing on Day One.

We cover great topics and receive helpful tips to improve your style and be more at ease in front of the mic with warm up exercises and understanding scripts of various styles. You have plenty of opportunity to get behind the mic in the studio with the small class size set to 10 in our case.

Day Two and you’re straight into where you left off, choosing more scripts to master and record with one-on-one tuition and coaching from Cecelia.
Andy and Cecelia hold you to account more on Day 2 in producing a quality script delivery and recording.
We touch on characterisations and have fun as a group exploring different personalities.

Group numbers are limited and courses sell out well in advance. A fabulous experience and suitable for all ages. I did this course with my son and there was another young fellow there too.
Plenty of resources to follow up with after the course ends and you’re given an electronic (dropbox) copy of all your files. One is produced into a more polished product.

Thanks for an enjoyable weekend learning the art of voice over. I now listen to the adverts in the car with a better understanding and appreciation.

Thank YOU for the great review and wrap up of the weekend Darren.

Andy & Cecelia.

We’ve changed the date of our April Course

This coming weekend we’re really looking forward to running our next Introduction to Voice Over Course which is fully booked out, however we’ve also been planning when we’ll do it all again.

You may know that that original course date was the weekend of April 13/14…but we quickly realised that was going to clash with holiday plans for quite a few people…so we’ve pushed it back!

The new date is the weekend of April 27/28 – The weekend after Easter.

If you’re keen to sign up for the April course we suggest you get in quick as places in each of the courses we’ve run so far have generally been filled weeks in advance.

If you have questions about the course absolutely get in touch via the contact page or call on the phone number listed at the top right of the web page.

How do Voice Over Artists get work?

It’s a great question that we get asked all the time – How do you get voice over work?

If you’re keen to do something with your voice and have discovered that you have some ability in this area then you’ll want to know the answer to that question too, however the answer isn’t exactly straight forward.

Firstly we always let people know that no amount of training/coaching can ever guarantee you work in the industry. Like any industry you can be amazing at what you do, but it doesn’t get you a free-pass to getting regular jobs or becoming an overnight success.

Established Voice Over Artists

Now, back to the question at hand. For established voice over artists who are represented by an agent (Andy & Cecelia are represented by EM Voices) then mostly it’s a case of waiting for the phone to ring letting you know you’ve been booked for a job. However…. even at this stage in your voice over career, work is still not guaranteed! You may have a great body of work, years of experience under your belt, an amazing agent and a great rapport with agency and studio people, but there will be times where your voice simply isn’t in demand.

So you might be going thought a bit of a Voice Over “dry season” and maybe not getting much work, but you can still be proactive and help things along without picking up the phone and nagging people for work (agents, clients, studios – nobody wants to get that call from you).

If you’re signed with an agent you’ll have an online profile along with samples of your work (a demo / voice over reel) so while things are a bit on a quiet side that’s the perfect time to refresh everything from your profile photo to your text ‘blurb’ and a fresh compilation of some of your best work.

What if you’re just starting out?

There’s no quick & easy path. We need to say this as some people thing that Voice Over is a quick and easy way to make some money.

If you’ve done one of our Introduction to Voice Over Courses or 1:1 Coaching sessions or are just thinking about using your voice professionally then you’re just at the very beginning of your journey, so how you go about finding work in this industry will be a little different compared to established professionals. In fact what you may really need more than work is experience. Either way you’ll need to be very proactive.

We’ve recently had a couple of calls and emails from individuals who completed our Introduction to Voice Over Course asking “What now?”. During our 2-Day weekend course we provide a guide to what participants should be doing after the course if they would like to pursue doing something with their voice. This includes how and where to gain more experience, which doors to knock on and some websites to investigate. This advice isn’t about helping them find work, but leading them towards opportunities to gain more experience which may then assist them should they wish to pursue professional work in the future.

So back to those emails and calls asking “What now?”. I was surprised to hear that at least one person who called hadn’t followed up on any of the advice we’d given in this area, instead they were calling to ask if I had any leads on voice over jobs. I didn’t, but encouraged them to follow up on some of the opportunities to gain more experience.

What’s the key message in all this?

If you’re interested in getting into Voice Over Work, understand that, even when you have plenty of experience and ability, jobs will rarely fall into your lap. Throughout your voice over career you’ll need to be proactive from the very start, when you need to seek out how to gain experience, to when you’re an established professional and need to regularly update your voice over demo so potential clients can hear your best work.

Got questions? Interested in coming along to our course or doing some 1:1 coaching? Drop us a line any time on the phone number above or via the contact page.